DMI Vehicle Distance Translator and Extension Cable with Connector - 4178

OBD-II Adapter

The Vehicle Distance Translator (VDT) allows the DMI to be used in virtually any vehicle with an OBDII port without the need to hook up any additional wiring to the vehicle.  Installation is as simple as plugging one end of the VDT into your OBDII port and the other into your DMI.  No additional power cables are needed since the VDT supplies power from the OBDII port.

The VDT utilizes specially developed software to identify the most accurate OBDII signals to use for measuring distance.  In most vehicles, the VDT can measure distances to within 1 foot in a thousand, but can be calibrated for higher accuracy by performing a simple calibration procedure.

The VDT automatically detects if the ignition is turned on or off when supplying power to the DMI so that the unit can be left connected at all times without draining the vehicles battery.

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