JSF Technologies Aluminum Push Button Cup for Bulldog Push Button

This cast aluminum Button Cup is designed to provide a very strong and semi-low profile mount for Polara's Bulldog Push Button. With Polara's Bulldog Button attached to this mount, the main body of the button extends only approximately 2 inches from the pole. This low profile provides very little foot mount for kids who like to use buttons as a foothold to climb poles; and it is a very rugged answer to vandals who try to damage buttons. Each cup comes with a 1 2 " EMT threaded/plugged conduit port. This mount is different from most mounts in that rather than drilling and tapping into the aluminum, we install stainless steel nuts for the button screws to fasten to, so that should you ever have to replace a push button, the screws will come out easily verses being frozen to the aluminum as occurs with other aluminum mounts. Should a screw or nut become stripped you simply push out the nut and replace with a new one. No drilling or tapping required. Each mount comes with 1/4-20 stainless steel mounting bolts. The mount comes powder coated.

To designate color, replace "X" in part number with: "B" for Black "G" for Green "Y" for Yellow 


Type: Beacons and Flashers