24-Hour School Zone 12" Amber LED bulb, Secondary unit. Dual, overhead mounting. Black, green or yellow housing, please specify at time of order. 40W solar module included.

These beacons are designed to mount directly to overhead mast arms with a sign between. They can be a solution for streets that are busier or heavily used by trucks and buses that might obscure curb-side beacons from drivers in the left lane. A preset flash schedule can be created via a website portal, or at the beacon, in person. The scheduling website can accommodate multiple years of operation, including special events and days off. Each School Zone set is comprised of two beacon types: The “Primary Beacon” contains a modem and stores the flash schedule. The “Secondary beacon(s)” receive on/off signals from the primary beacon. Any number of secondary beacons can be utilized with a primary beacon. 

These beacons are completely autonomous and self-contained. They do not require any external power or cabinets. FHWA & MUTCD compliant. 


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